The encyclical of Catholicos of All Armenians marking the 850th anniversary of the passing of Nerses Shnorhali (Graceful) will be read for the faithful in the UK at St. Yeghiche Armenian Church in London on March 26th.

The encyclical marking the 850th anniversary of the passing of the Nersses Shenorhali was read and publicised in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin on March 5th. Catholicos of All Armenians invited “the entire Holy Apostolic Church—its diocesan and national organisations, academic and intellectual institutions —to commemorate Saint Nersess Shnorhali’s eternal memory during this 850th anniversary year. Through conferences, publications, and celebrations, as well as in national and ecumenical circles.”

The Diocese of the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland is planning several events to mark this special anniversary. Nerses the Graceful was an XII century Armenian Patriarch, theologian, poet, and hymn-writer. He is the author of the famous hymn “Aravot Luso.” The confession of Catholicos Nerses is read in the Armenian Churches every Friday, especially during the Great Lent. His letters and communications with Latin, Byzantine and Syriac Churches are unique documents to uncover the ecumenical relations of the Armenian Church.

The 850th anniversary of the death of great medieval thinker, poet and theologian Nerses Shnorhali has been included in UNESCO 2022-2023 calendar commemorating historical events and anniversaries of eminent personalities.