The Dublin Parish is linked to the Armenian Apostolic Church in UK under the supervision of the Primate based in London.  The Armenian Church and Community of Ireland (ACCI) is relatively new body. It is only over the last 15/30 years that Armenians have come to Ireland in any sort of numbers. As we have come to know and meet with one another, the discussion of forming a committee to arrange for religious services, baptismal and matrimonial ceremonies arose.

It is estimated that the total number of Armenians in Ireland range from 300 to 500 individuals spread in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, county Clare and Northern Ireland. The majority of the Irish Armenians live in and around Dublin, estimates range from 150 to 250 individuals.  Most of the Armenians living in Ireland are from the Republic of Armenia itself but others are from Middle Eastern countries with Armenian populations.

Bishop Hovakim in Dublin
Bishop Hovakim in Dublin

The Armenian Church in Ireland was established in October 2010 and was officially recognised (for the first time) by the Irish authorities as a legal denomination and and given the right to conduct religious over services and sacraments and preside over over wedding ceremonies.  The first Parish Council was elected by the community congregation and approved by the Primate (Srpazan Vahan Hovhanessian, now Primate of France) in March 2011.

Our aim is to bring the Christian message to people living in parts of the country where no access to the Armenian Church is available, to promote our Armenian language, culture and heritage in Ireland.  Besides organising Church Services, the Parish also invites local and international speakers to give lectures on various aspects of Armenian culture and history; arranges educational programmes for Deacon training and choir practice. We also aimsto set up a Bible study group, Youth Fellowship (ACYF) and to visit families and pray with them.

Memorial Khatchkar to commemorate the centenary of the Armenian Genocide

In the last five years, Dublin Parish has established good links with the Churches from other denominations, by becoming member of the Dublin Council of Churches and actively engaging in the Ecumenical Bible Week (EWB).  We are grateful for the love and support of the two Archbishops of Dublin (RC and C of I) and the the President of the Methodist Churches in Ireland.

One of the highlights of the work of the Dublin Parish was hold a Service of Remembrance in April 2015 and erect a unique Khachkar Memorial on the Centenary of the the 1915 Armenian Genocide in the garden of Christ Church Cathedral in the centre of Dublin 8.

Remembrance service at the Memorial Khatchkar at Christ Church Cathedral

The Dublin Parish Council since its inception has been using The Taney Parish Church of Ireland, in Taney Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14, ( We count Taney as our home Church and are very grateful to Canon Robert Warren and the parishioners for their love and welcoming support.

Dublin Parish Council

If you would like some more information about the Armenian Church and Community of Ireland – please visit our website: Dublin Parish Website

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