The life of the Armenian community in the UK and Ireland started in the 19th century in Manchester, where we have the beautiful and historical Church of the Holy Trinity. Today, there are communities and parishes all over the UK and Ireland. The Diocese is blessed with two splendid Churches in London, St. Sarkis and St. Yeghiche. The Diocese has special outreach beyond these centres to serve the faithful in the Parishes of Dublin and Cardiff, the Mission Parish of Birmingham, and the Oxford Campus Ministry.

These parishes are the foundation of church life in our Diocese. The parish is the gathering of the faithful in Eucharistic fellowship. The parish is the self-sustaining community of faithful. Those parishes that are currently under formation are called mission parishes. It is imperative to further strengthen the parishes and meet their needs for the spiritual enrichment of the flock.

Parishes and communities vary in size and needs. Some parishes are large, others small. Some have a lot of resources, others do not. There are communities which do not have Church institutions and permanent priests. The Church will look for ways for these communities to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on a regular basis, renting or making arrangements with other churches, among other options. As needed, we will celebrate holidays and sacred occasions in other churches to serve the Armenians living in other parts of the UK.

At the same time there is a need to involve those who have migrated from Armenia and the Middle East, and other places in recent years.

Regular visits to the parishes and communities is also an important part of the Primate’s pastoral mission.

Through the cooperation of Armenian organizations and institutions, the community will grow stronger and more effective.

What is a Parish?