Some members of the Ladies Committee with clergy

At the initiative of the Primate and some active members of the Church, the Primate’s Office Ladies Committee was founded in December 2015. The objectives of the committee are set by its members. It is to support the Primate in its mission to organize social events.

Since the formation of the committee, they have been involved in the organization of the “Blessing of the Pomegranates” on New Year’s Eve. Another very successful event was “The Blessing of the Newlywed Couples and Families ” on the Feast of Presentation of Our Lord to the Temple. The third wonderfully successful event was Easter Lunch at the Tara Hotel where families and members of the congregation enjoyed a delicious lunch, the traditional breaking of colored eggs, and sang and danced to traditional Armenian music.

The members of the Ladies Committee of the Primate’s Office are as follows: Mrs. Jeanine Gulvanessian, Mrs. Elba Karapetian, Mrs. Sylva Yeghiazarian, Mrs. Araxie Heghoyan, Mrs. Gassia Yardim, Mrs. Karine Gevorgyan, Mrs. Janet Daghlian, Mrs. Zaza Balian, Mrs.Vera Harland.

If you are interested in joining the Ladies Committee, please download the form here, complete and return to the Primate’s Office.


This special booklet was produced for the occasion:


Here are some photos from the Ladies’ Committee’s latest event, a fundraising gala dinner for the Restoration of Our Lord’s Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem:

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