ACT UK is the main centralised charity for the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland, serving the interests of the Armenian Church & communities in order to advance the Christian faith throughout the British Isles and Republic of Ireland. Besides this, The Central ethos of ACT UK as a charity is to provide absolute transparency to the generous benefactors and donors who make this possible.

The Annual General meeting (AGM) which was moderated by Mr Viken Haladjian, took place via Zoom on Saturday 22nd May and was presided over by HG Bishop Hovakim Manukyan and the trustees of ACT UK. Members of our community had a chance to see the activities of the Primate and how the funds are being used to help the Armenian Church to ensure the continuation of the UK Diocese’s many ministries and programmes.

Members of our community raised questions regarding sustainability and growth of the Church and the ways in which the younger generation can be engaged.The church needs to be built around a community that is holding to authentic, honest values and conversation about what faith in Jesus looks like for our time.

Please see the Primate’s Report by clicking the link below: