Armenian Book Club

Rouben Sevak

Armenian Book Club with Armen Saruhanyan met at the Bishop’s House on May 2nd. He read and presented the works and poetry of Rupen Sevag.
Rupen Çilingiryan (Sevag) (Ռուբէն Յովհաննէսի Չիլինկիրեան (Սեւակ) was born on February 28, 1886, Silivri, Ottoman Empire and was killed August 26, 1915, Çankırı, Ottoman Empire. He was an Armenian poet, prose-writer, and medical doctor. He was arrested at the onset of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 1915 and killed on August 26, 1915.

It is symbolical that Book Club discussed Rouben Sevag at the time when Armenians all over the world commemorate the Armenian Genocide.  It said that he was suggested to convert into Islam and preserve his life, but he chose not to abandon his Christian faith and was martyred.

The main objective of these meetings is to promote western Armenian dialect and discover the life of Armenians in Constantinople, modern Istanbul.

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