Although engaging the youth has many challenges, we have had a number of successful activities that provided networking and collaboration with young people – all thanks to the dedication of a core of committed young people.  This summer, our youth visited Armenia and Artsakh to attend the Armenian Church Youth Organisation’s international gathering. The trip not only provided an opportunity for British Armenian youth to meet with their counterparts in Armenia, but also provided inspiration to work locally and connect with the Mother Land.

The Bishop’s House has provided space for the “Armenian Youth House”, equipped with full sound system and latest technologies — thanks to generous donors, especially Shahe Gulian – so that the youth can gather and enjoy themselves by networking and learning from each other.

Our youth have organised a number of exciting events, such as Boat Parties, Christmas Carols, celebration of various Armenian feasts, distribution of traditional Christmas and Easter baskets to the elderly, and series of lectures to help them in faith matters. Some of the youth serve also on the altar during the Divine Liturgy.  More exciting activities are being planned in 2020.