The Bible emphasises the importance of sharing the message of Christianity and the gospel with all people, and over the last 5 years an outreach programme has been in motion to help the Church connect with Armenians in the UK and Ireland, especially where no Armenian Church parish previously existed. With the support of ACT-UK, several Mission Parishes have been successfully established, and one of them has become a parish.

The Primate’s Office also promotes inter-parish relations and the sharing of resources. The Primate’s Office in cooperation with other organisations tries to reach out to those who are not involved in the church, as the number of church attendees is much less than the number of Armenians in the UK. In addition to regularly scheduled Badaraks, some of these parishes have Bible Studies, Choirs, Sunday Schools and Deacon’s Training Programmes, as well as providing pastoral care, lectures and social events.

The clergy of the Diocese visits the parishes regularly.