Since the earliest centuries of Christianity, pastors and bishops organised pilgrimages for their faithful to follow in the steps of the Lord and the Apostles. The Primate’s Office will continue to organise pilgrimages to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, Holy Etchmiadzin and Armenia, and the Armenian Churches and Monasteries in historic Western Armenia. These pilgrimages will include Bible studies, evening vigils and discussions. All previous pilgrimages have proven to be beautiful opportunities to renew our faith, to learn about the sources of our Church’s teachings and to enjoy fellowship with members of our community from around the world.

The Primate’s office has organised a number of pilgrimages in recent years.  This year a successful pilgrimage to Italy took 26 participants to discover Armenian traces in Naples, Florence, Venice and Rome.  The highlight of the trip was a general audience with Pope Francis. In 2020 we are planning a pilgrimage to the Holy Land during the Armenian Christmas, a trip to Portugal, and possibly to Western Armenia.