UK Armenians celebrated the Independence of Armenia

September 21st the UK Armenians celebrated the 29th anniversary of the Independence of Armenia. The celebration was held online. The charge the Affairs of the Republic of Armenia to the UK, Srpazan Hayr, chair of the Armenian Community Council made speeches congratulating our people, local Armenian talents performed and there were further Armenian festivities.
There was also a special thanksgiving prayer service at St. Yeghiche Church in London celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia at the end of Sunday liturgy. The Primate congratulated the Armenian Community on another joyous day in our extensive history and recent struggle. “We were persecuted from our homeland, but we survived creating a flourishing Armenian world in different diaspora communities across the globe. These communities form a human body of which the Mother Land is the heart. I believe the stronger the heart, the healthier the body. Wherever we are born and raised, we should always consider Armenia as our homeland that gives us such rich identity”. At the conclusion of his speech, His Grace invited diaspora Armenians in the UK and Ireland to continue to support and celebrate their homeland for the future.