Two young clergymen offered their lives for the Homeland

On October 29th, two courageous and dedicated deacons, Dn. Narek Petrosyan and Dn Rustam Poghosyan lost their lives in an attack by Azerbaijan. They were two men who selflessly defended the borders of their motherland with other brave soldiers and whose efforts will be undoubtedly remembered eternally.
For many years, Dn. Narek was a military chaplain in Artsakh and personal assistant to Bishop Vertanes Abrahamyan, the Chief of Chaplains of the Armenian Armed Forces. Narek’s life was a committed dedication to our homeland and the Church. With his enthusiasm and zeal, he was always comforting and encouraging the soldiers and his fellow countrymen. Narek was a faithful follower of Christ who took after his father as a brave hero of the Artsakh war. Like many of his fellow chaplains, Narek was at the frontline from the very beginning. Before the conflict, Narek graduated from the seminary and worked at the Centre of Christian Education at Holy Etchmiadzin. Afterwards, he continued his service as a spiritual chaplain at the Armed Forces. Narek was also married and blessed with a child. His funeral was held at the ‘Erablur’ military pantheon.
Dn. Rustam was a committed and humble servant of our Church and bravely offered his life for the sake of our homeland. After graduating from the seminary, he was serving the nation as a soldier at the frontline.
May the Lord bless and rest the bright souls of our reverend deacon brothers in peace.
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