The Armenian Church House – a community religious, cultural and social hub in London

Ազգային Առաջնորդարան եւ համայնքային հոգեւոր, մշակութային ու ընկերային կեդրոն)

Building our community together is essential today, perhaps more than any time before, as we live in the most challenging times around the globe and in the Armenian world.

Creating a home, a hub, a centre for all Armenians in London requires us all to pull together our ideas, talents and resources and help make it a reality.

This proposed new centre is called “House” because it will be the new home of our community and will serve as the headquarters of the Armenian church — just as The Church House next to the Westminster Abbey is the home of the headquarters of the Church of England, with various  facilities.

The new centre would create a positive atmosphere for active community religious, cultural and social life for all Armenians. It would be


1. A home for all Armenians to connect, nurture, learn and serve.

2. A hub of religious, cultural and educational activities for all generations, especially youth and the elderly.

3. A space for socialisation and group creativity.

4. Much-needed facilities for voluntary groups and charities who need a base to organise social events and activities and to allow community members and families to use the space for events.

We invite you to be part of this historic opportunity to build an Armenian home in the heart of London for generations to come.