St. Sarkis Church Celebrates the Feast of Prophet Elijah

This Sunday, May 26, the congregation of St. Sarkis Church came together to celebrate the Feast of Prophet Elijah, one of the prominent Biblical figures known for his unwavering stand against the idolatrous King Ahab. Despite severe persecution, Elijah’s steadfast faith and courage inspired many, leading to widespread admiration and growth in his following.

In his sermon, Bishop Hovakim Manukyan, the Primate of the Diocese of the United Kingdom and Ireland, highlighted the prophetical voice of the Church, emphasizing its duty to speak out against the wrongdoings of rulers and to pray for sinners, just as Elijah did. This story underscores God’s power and faith’s strength in overcoming adversity.

“As anointed Christians and members of the Church, we are called to advocate for repentance and invite people to change their ways, unafraid of the challenges posed by persecution and oppression,” the Bishop stated. He drew parallels to historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., who fought against racial discrimination; Desmond Tutu, who stood against apartheid; and John Paul II, who resisted communism in Poland.

Today, a similar movement in Armenia, led by Archbishop Bagrat, is gaining momentum daily. “Our Kingdom is not of this world, but we do not live outside of this world,” the late Catholicos Karekin I once said. “Wherever injustices occur, we must be present.” The Bishop also reminded the congregation that May 26th was the day of the Battle of Sardarapat, which was the Armenians’ last stand to preserve their country against the Turkish invasion in May 1918.

This powerful message of resilience, faith, and advocacy resonated deeply with the congregation at St. Sarkis Church on this significant feast day. The congregation enjoyed the St. Sarkis Festival and a garden party with songs, delicious food, and a cultural program following the service.