Remembrance Day


The 22nd November will be a date that Armenians will remember for the rest of their lives. The day commemorates the heroes and martyrs who lost their lives to protect our land and people. On the 27th September 2020, Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey waged war on Armenia and Artsakh. Countless lives were lost protecting the homeland. Years of conflict surrounding the Nagorno- Karabakh land escalated back in July after Azerbaijani troops attacked resulting in protests to spread awareness surrounding the situation. On the 10th November a ceasefire was signed. All around the world, diaspora Armenians gathered to remember the fallen soldiers and the sacrifice they made. Armenians from London put together a beautiful memorial located in Ealing Broadway, where the genocide memorial tree dedicated to the victims of the 1915 genocide is placed. Father Shnrorq and father Nshan were also in attendance and led a prayer along with the community who lay down flowers, pictures and light candles.  Parq mer herosnerin.