Remembrance Day (Մեռելոց)

Remembrance Day (Մեռելոց) January 7 th is a Remembrance Day according to the Church calendar of the Armenian Church. According to the orthodox teachings of the church, the departed – although not present physically – continue to be members of Christ’s Church. Therefore, “it is a holy and pious thought to pray for those who have fallen asleep in godliness.” (2 Maccabees 12:45). Therefore, it is a tradition that on the day following the 5 major feast days of the Armenian Church(Nativity, Easter, Transfiguration, Dormition of St. Mary, Exaltation of the Holy Cross), a day is observed in memory of those who have passed away and are asleep in Jesus Christ. On this day, the faithful the gravesides of their dearly departed, and the priest will offer requiem prayers for their souls. According to tradition, a special Divine Liturgy is also held on these days, when the faithful can remember the names of all the faithful for whom we pray for eternal life. On Monday January 7th (11:30 2:30 pm)Primate and clergy will visit the Gunnersbury cemetery praying with community members for the souls of their departed relatives.