Holy Thursday celebrations

On the morning of Thursday April 1, HG Bishop Hovakim celebrated the Divine Liturgy in St. Sarkis Church and later in the afternoon they conducted the rite of washing of feet and this was preceded in the late evening with the grand vigil in St Yeghiche Church.

Morning service symbolised the Last Supper and the establishment of the sacrament of Eucharist or Holy Communion. The ritual of the washing of the feet based on the accounts of the Gospel of John (13:1-17). Jesus thus shows himself a model of humility (1 Tim 5:10) and, at the same time, gives a preview of the historic service he will render when he accepts the humiliation of the cross (Mk 10:45, Phil 2:5-8).

The Primate celebrated and washed the feet of children, deacons and priests at St. Yeghiche Church.