Christmas and Epiphany

06 -Jan
Feast of the Naming of Jesus Christ 13-Jan
Birth of John the Baptist 14-Jan
Saint Sarkis 08-Feb
Feast of Cathecumens 02 – Feb
Presentation of Jesus Christ to the Temple 14-Feb
Saint Vartananz 20-Feb
Great Lent 23-Feb
Median Day of Lent 18-Mar
Saint Gregory the Illuminator’s Entry to the pit 28-Mar
Palm Sunday 05-Apr
Easter 12-Apr
Memorial Day of Armenian Martyrs of 1915 Genocide 24-Apr
Apparition of the Holy Cross 10-May
Ascention 21-May
Pentecost 31-May
Saints Hripsimiantz 08-Jun
Saints Gayaniantz 09-Jun
Saint John The Baptist (St Shoghagat) 11-Jun
Saint Gregory the Illuminator’s Delivery from the pit 13-Jun
Feast of Holy Etchmiadzin 14-Jun
Discovery of the Relics of Saint Gregory the Illuminator 27-Jun
Saint Sahak and Saint Mesrob 02-Jul
Feast of the Transfiguration 19-Jul
St Etchmiadzin 15-Aug
Assumption of the Holy Mother of God 16-Aug
Exaltation of the Holy Cross 13-Sep
Saint George 26-Sep
Holy Cross of Varaka 27-Sep
Holy Translators 10-Oct
Discovery of the Cross 25-Oct
Holy Archangels Gabriel and Michael 07-Nov
Start of 50 day Lent to Christmas 15-Nov
Saints Thaddeus and Bartholmew 28-Nov
Saint Hagop (James) of Nisibis 12-Dec
Saint David the Prophet 24-Dec
Saint Stephen the Protomartyr 26-Dec
Saint Peter and Saint Paul 28-Dec