Dublin Armenian Community commemorates April 24th

Despite the present Covid restrictions, the Armenian Community in Ireland gathered on Saturday, the 24th of April at 12 pm at the Khachkar Memorial on the grounds of Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, to commemorate the 106 Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. The short prayer service was organised by Dr. Paul Manook and was conducted by His Grace the most Reverend Archbishop Dr. Michael Jackson of Dublin. His Grace stated that it is his joy and privilege to be part of the ceremony, joining Armenians worldwide in commemorating the Genocide.

The Khachkar is located in the grounds of the world famous Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin and was allocated its prominent location by the Church of Ireland on the Centenary in 2015. The cathedral is nearly 1000 years old and is a huge tourist attraction. The Khachkar’s prominent location beside the front entrance, means that it is seen by tens of thousands of visitors as they enter the cathedral each year, ensuring that the memory of the Genocide is kept alive in the modern generation.

His Grace noted the participation of the different generations, the graciousness and the faithfulness that the Armenian Community bring to this simple ceremony. His Grace then read a ‘Prayer of the Eastern Church‘ from the Church of Ireland prayer book, tying together the yearning of people for God no matter what their given circumstances.

The end of the service was marked by those present laying flowers at the Khachkar memorial.