Churches Together in England Fosters Deeper Relationships Between Pentecostal and Orthodox Leaders

London, UK – In a historic gathering hosted by Archbishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church, thirty leaders from Pentecostal and Orthodox traditions came together under the auspices of Churches Together in England. This significant event, held on June 29, marked a pivotal moment in fostering unity and deepening relationships between these two diverse Christian traditions.

Rev. Fr. Shnork Bagdasarian, representing the Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church, Bishop Hovakim, was one of the speakers at the meeting. In his address, Fr. Shnork shared insights about the Armenian Church’s presence in the UK and highlighted the growing relationship between the Anglican and Armenian Churches.

The meeting served as a platform for leaders to discuss mutual concerns, share experiences, and explore new avenues for collaboration.

About Churches Together in England:

Churches Together in England is an organisation dedicated to fostering unity and collaboration among Christian denominations in England. Through various initiatives and events, it aims to promote mutual understanding, shared witness, and collective action among its member churches. Visit Churches Together in England for more information.