Eastern Christianity Lecture Seminar Series (8th edition)

Eastern Christianity Lecture Seminar Series (8th edition) Conveners: Dr Hratch Tchilingirian and Prof Theo Maarten Van Lint  Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm, The Allen & Overy Room, Pembroke College  Week 2 |  28 January Eastern Christians and the Environmental


Nativity and Theophany 

Սուրբ Ծննունդ եւ Աստուածյայտնութիւն This feast marks the anniversary of the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ. He was born in a manger in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem City, later baptised in the River Jordan by


House blessings and Տնօրհնէք

House blessings are one of the traditions of the Armenian Church, which according to St. Gregory of Datev was established by Our Savior Jesus Christ, when after His Resurrection He entered the upper room and


New Year and Christmas Message

Another year has almost passed us, and we give thanks to the Lord for his blessings and gifts during this time and ask for an equally rewarding year in the next. As you may know, the


Remembrance Day (Մեռելոց)

Remembrance Day (Մեռելոց) January 7 th is a Remembrance Day according to the Church calendar of the Armenian Church. According to the orthodox teachings of the church, the departed – although not present physically –


Our benefactors and supporters

We are grateful to the generous donors who enabled us to serve our community. The Primate and the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland are grateful to all