BAHA was founded 35  years ago in February 1984 , by a group of doctors nurses dentists pharmacists and other health care professionals. The founding members include Dr Stepanian, Dr Anoosh Major, Dr Pambakian, Dr H Avakian  Dr Berg Azadian ,  Bedo Eghiayan, Dr Vahan Kaplan, Mr Mihran Avedesian and late Drs, Tsarookian, dr Deroonian , Dr Arshavir Hagobian and Mrs H  Ayvazian and a few juniors like myself.

I remember Ara joined us soon after his arrival  to UK  when his late mother contacted me.

OUR membership grew very quickly.

We are a Medical scientific and social group :

The principle objective and responsibility of our  association are;

1-Organizing health related scientific meetings for our  members and invite a wider British Armenian community to relevant subjects.

2- To enhance health awareness and promote a better understanding of medical care through out GB.

3- To support students, junior medical and health professionals to develop their career in the medical field in the UK, and in the motherland if needed.

4- To support our colleagues and health organization in Armenia and  to develop better health care system.

In Dec 1988 during the major earthquick  of Armenia, we exerted  tremendous effort and worked very closely with Aid Armenia in providing medical support, organizing supplies and transporting equipments, medicines and dressing materials  to devastated villages and towns .  We continued our effort during the tragic days of the earthquake  and the dark days afterwards. Some of us including Our senior colleagues Dr Berg Azadian and Mr Bedo Eghiayan joined the architect Gulvanessian and other members of advisory panall and  built British  children “st Narek” hospital in Vanatsor. Those days are unforgettable .

We also acted promptly and communicated with attaché  hayarpi at armenian Embasy in April 2016 war, coordinating medical support and working directly and indirectly though close negotiation with our colleagues of AMIC.

AMIC ( Armenian Medical International Committee)  is our umbrella organization in diaspora.

We are affiliating to AMIC and regularly communicate , participate and meet annually  to plan and coordinate jointly and deliver cohesively initiatives, according to the demand.


We work very closely with our colleagues in Family Medicine.

We initiated and closely participated to many health related projects.

-We have been joining our colleagues from Canada and USA in the last 15 years and  visit various outreach remote villages to provide medical support and promote health education. Working closely with COAF

My GP colleagues and myself have been collaborating  with YSMU family medicine and primary care department updating and upgrading undergraduate and postgraduate medical curriculum.

– Some of us have been actively participating in formal teaching and education program of undergraduate and postgraduate  students.

We succeeded to promote and develop the speciality of “General Practice” or  ” Primary  Care” in Armenia.

– We  also invite and host graduate family practitioners from yerevan to be trained in UK.

– Two years ago We initiated and supported founding a faculty and society of Geriatric (care of elderly ) Medicine Speciality which successfully held their first international symposium last autumn.

We are currently  advising the DOH IN developing “Primary Care” ( General Practice ) ,  and Involving in various health care projects like IAD e foundation program.
Not to forget , that 2 of our founding members  of BAHA  (Mr Bedo Eghyaian and Mr Mihran Avedessian) have opened fully equipped British Style Orthopedic and Spinal surgery clinic providing operations and rehabilitation including children, by highly skilled  armenian and non armenian local and visiting specialist surgeons.
Needless to say our honorary president prof darzi‘s invaluable support, advice consultations and contribution, in improving clinical and academic health care and well being here and in motherland is unique invaluable and unmeasurable
By your presence and contribution I can feel the enthusiasm of our association’s mission and touched by positive spirit displayed by all of us.
Now as Armenia has entered a new historic Era , it is incumbent on us to continue our mission and approach with new initiatives and innovate ideas together with fresh euthiasm and energy.
I am proud to say that in the last 35 years we succeeded to achieve our objectives .

Dr Seda Boghossian-Tighe,

GP, Staines Thameside Medical , 

GP Educator KSSDeanery ,

Mental Health Lead, North West Surrey CCG

Chair, BAHA