Bishop Hovakim Celebrates Second Palm Sunday at St Sarkis

Last Sunday, Bishop Hovakim Manukayan celebrated divine liturgy at St. Sarkis Church and delivered a message on the occasion of the second Palm Sunday. He congratulated Mother’s Day, wished all mothers and sisters God’s blessings and protection, and delivered a moving, poignant sermon, summarised below.

“Today, our church celebrates the second Palm Sunday. The Armenian tradition says that when St Gregory Illuminator was imprisoned at Khor Virap (which means bottommost pit), an angel visited him daily. One day, the angel did not see him, and the following day, St Gregory asked why Angel did not visit him. The angel explains that after his ascension, Jesus entered the heavenly abodes, and angels welcomed him. The story has become the basis for the celebration. On Thursday, we celebrated the ascension. Next Sunday is the Pentecost, and we expect to receive abundant gifts from the Holy Spirit.”

“Today, it is an occasion that we reflect on Palm Sunday again. What does it symbolise-

Jesus entered Jerusalem on the Donkey, not on the horse as a warrior but on a donkey, which means he came with peace.
In the following days, he cleansed the temple, meaning peace comes with truth and justice.
He blessed the children; any child is vulnerable and needs protection. The child also represents the voiceless. Jesus gives a voice to the voiceless.”

“As Christians, we have a vocation to strive and work for justice, peace, and truth, always protecting the vulnerable and voiceless. The indifference has no excuses. Read Mathew 21:42-44. Our people in the bordering regions of Armenia and 150,000 refugees from Artsakh are in a situation of vulnerable children, and they need our protection.”

Divine Liturgy, or Badarak, occurs every Sunday at 11 a.m. at St. Sarkis and St. Yeghiche Churches. Contact the church parishes to learn more.