Fr. Hovsep Bedoyan, the Armenian Catholic pastor in the Syrian city of Qamishli on the Turkish border, and his father Apraham Bedoyan were traveling to Deir el-Zor to inspect the reconstruction of an Armenian Catholic church that had been desecrated by ISIS in 2015. Their car was ambushed at a checkpoint by gunmen and shot at point-blank range before the killers fled on motorcycles. The elder Bedoyan died instantly, while his son succumbed to wounds in transit to a hospital.
A third passenger in the car, a deacon from the town of Al-Hasakeh, survived with minor injuries and reported the above details. Early press reports identifying both victims as priests were evidently mistaken.
On the same day as the murders, a series of bomb blasts rocked Qamishli, targeting the Armenian Catholic church, an Assyrian Christian-owned business, and a Catholic school. At least six people were killed.