Annual Advent Appeal

Annual Advent Appeal

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,



Annual Advent Appeal:

At this most festive season of the year, I greet you with Christ’s love and hope that you and your family are in good health and spirits.

It was thanks to your support and the contribution of benefactors like yourselves that our Church has been able to fund the activities, projects and programmes of the Armenian Church in the UK and Ireland.  Thanks to all of those who have helped and supported the church throughout the year, we have been able to continue offering our Church’s educational, pastoral, youth and other programmes.

The Bishops House, the diocesan headquarters (Առաջնորդարան) established last year continues to play a pivotal role in organising and implementing a range of religious, educational, cultural and social activities throughout the Diocese.

Your personal support and financial contribution will ensure the continuation of our ministry through the various programmes of our Diocese.   The Diocesan Budget including expenditure for maintaining the activities of the Bishop’s House – Առաջնորդարան, indicate a short fall of approximately £ 34 K.

To this end, we depend heavily on your support and generosity to keep reaching out to every Armenian in the UK through our programs and the Diocesan centre activities. I appeal to you personally to make a contribution that will help us implement the programs we have established, such as: the Children’s Club; the Art and Wellbeing for Women; the Armenian Connections for Young Professionals; lectures and workshops on social and ethical issues, the Armenian Book club, Bible Studies, various youth programs – Christmas Carols, Christmas & Eastern basket deliveries to the elderly, Armenian Youth House, Youth Pilgrimages to Armenia and Artsakh, Mission Parish Outreach. I thank you for reading this appeal and look forward to hearing your positive response.

This annual appeal is one of the ways through which the faithful of the Armenian Church take part in the ministry of the diocese through their contributions.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family with his abundant gifts at this most joyous Advent Season.

With blessings,

Bishop Hovakim Manukyan



* Enclosed for your convenience is a GiftAid form. Armenian Church Trust (UK) is a Charity registered in England and Wales, Please do not hesitate to contact us at 07949810704 for any questions you may have about our church ministry or any other issue.