A Call for Prayer and Fasting: For the Peace of our Homeland

“So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer.” ( 2 Ezra 8:23) 

  Dear Faithful,

Joining the Armenian spiritual leaders of Europe, we call all faithful of our Diocese to dedicate the 6th of November to fasting by praying every hour of the day with these words:

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

We rely on your mighty power,

We cry out to you in prayers and ask:

Stop the war in our homeland,

Block the aggression of the enemy,

Bring love and justice to the Armenian land,

Sustain us in faith, hope, and love. Amen.

In the evening of November the 6th at 6 pm, we call all faithful to join the leaders of our Church in Europe for prayer service. The service will be broadcasted live . We encourage you to join the service with the words of St. Gregory of Narek:

Son of the living God, blessed in all things,

Unfathomable offspring of the awesome Father,
For whom nothing is impossible,
When the radiant light of your merciful glory dawns,

Sin melts away. Demons are driven out.

Wrongs are erased. Handcuffs are snapped.

Chains are severed. The dead return to life.
Injuries are treated. Wounds are healed.

Diseases are cured. Sadness leaves.

Sighs are cut short. Misery flees.

The fog lifts. The haze recedes.
Gloom dissipates. Obscurity wears out.
Darkness vanishes. Night departs.
Anguish is ejected. Evil deeds are annihilated.
Depression is banished. And your all-powerful hand reigns, O Redeemer of all.

You did not come to kill human spirits, but to breathe life into them.
Forgive my countless misdeeds in your bountiful mercy.

For you alone are beyond words in heaven,
And beyond contemplation on earth,
Existing in the matter and to the extreme ends of the world.

The beginning of everything in everything.

Utterly blessed are you in the heights.
And to you with the Father and the Holy Spirit glory forever. Amen.

The Fasting will end at the conclusion of the service.

Fasting is based on Scripture and is a widespread Christian practice. It is a means to achieve the higher virtues of Christian life: justice, compassion, peace, and mutual up-building. Fasting is about making room for God and our neighbours by abstaining from our luxuries. It is always accompanied by prayer. Fasting helps us to simplify our lives, to find the courage to put aside everything non-essential and appeal to the only source of peace and healing, our Lord Jesus Christ.